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The Opel Roux-e is a rebadged Citron Amy electric car with a range of 75 km

Opel Roux-E

The Opel Rox-e is expected to make its debut in Germany later this year, followed by other European markets early next year.

Badge engineering is a common occurrence in the global automotive industry. This enables automakers to maximize their profits without investing much. In recent times, we have seen many such cross badge models (Maruti Baleno-Toyota Glanza). However, the Opel Roux-e may be the first example of a badge-engineered electric car.

Essentially a vehicle similar to the Citron Ami, it would be wrong to classify it as an electric car, at least in Europe where it would be mostly focused. It is an electric quadricycle which essentially means that it is a four wheeled vehicle running on an electric motor. It is the same as the Bajaj Qute in our country which runs on an IC engine.

exterior shape and design

The smaller it is, the smaller it is, but it will surely grab the attention of people once it hits the road. The vehicle gets black colored bumpers at the front and rear ends which try to give it a macho look. The driver’s side door faces backwards while the doors are almost as wide as the wheelbase.

The yellow detailing and bumpers under the doors create a nice sport contrast with the black and gray color scheme. The quadricycle rolls on attractive 14-inch wheels with X-shaped alloys. Other exterior highlights include simple round reflector headlamps, circular tail-lamps and a large windscreen. In terms of dimensions, the Roux-E is 1.39 meters wide and 2.41 meters long.

Opel Roux-E
Opel Roux-E

The quadricycle’s miniature size gives it an advantage in tight city traffic as it receives a very impressive turn of 3.6 metres. This makes it very manageable in tight road conditions. Being such a small vehicle, the Roux-e weighs just 425kg which is lighter than its donor model and this has a positive effect on the battery backup of the former.


The funky yellow highlights have been carried from the outside to the inside of the cabin, giving a minimalist look. Coming to the cabin, it has basic minimal features like a small digital driver display and has room to host only two people including the driver. There’s a place on the dashboard to mount one’s phone in addition to a handy storage area running behind the dashboard.

powertrain specs

Since this is a rebadged Citroen Ami, the Rocks-e gets the same electrical and mechanical specs as the predecessor. It includes a 5.5kWh battery pack that powers a 6kW electric motor that produces 8 bhp. The battery pack gives a maximum range of 75 km (47 mi) on a single charge. A top speed of 45 kmph can be achieved on this quadricycle.

It takes more than three hours for the battery to be completely rejuvenated. Due to its optimized specifications, the Roux-e could be driven by even 15-year-olds across Europe. Opel has revealed that the EV will be offered in three trim levels – Base, Club and Tecno. The prices of the Rox-E have not been revealed yet, but it is expected to be almost identical to the Ami, which is priced at €6,000 (approx INR 5.20 lakh).


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