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Anushka Sharma lost sleep in England because of ‘Baspan Ka Pyaar’? proof on insta

Sahadev of Chhattisgarh has become tremendously popular on social media by singing the song ‘Jaane Meri Jaaneman’. Hundreds of memes have been made of this song and many celebs are also making reels on it. This song has become so engrossed in the minds of people that it keeps resonating in the ears while sleeping. Now maybe the same is happening with Anushka Sharma. Looking at his Instagram story, it looks like this.

The song is ringing in the ears?

Anushka Sharma is currently in England with Virat Kohli and daughter Vamika. She keeps sharing her activities and photos on social media. Recently he has posted a meme on the story. It has been shown how the song ‘Jaane Meri Jaaneman’ keeps resonating in the minds of people while sleeping. Those who have heard this song can relate a lot to this meme. Perhaps Anushka is also one of those people.

Anushka is having a great time in England

Anushka is having a great time in England. He has also got a haircut there. Thank you Sonam Kapoor for this. He wrote in his Instagram post that Sonam had introduced him to the hairdresser. In the past too, Anushka shared some photos. In this photo credit was given to Suniel Shetty’s daughter Athiya Shetty.

Sahdev has become popular

Talking about the song ‘Jaane Meri Jaaneman’, this song is originally sung by Kamlesh Barot. Although you will find many versions of it on the Internet. The credit for making this song famous goes to Sahadev of Chhattisgarh. He sang this song a few years back. Now it is tremendously viral. Not only viral, Sahadev has become quite popular. Rapper Badshah has spoken to him through video call and has also called Chandigarh to meet him.

Sahadev, who became famous with ‘Childhood love Mera Bhool Nahi Jaana Re…’, now Badshah called to meet

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