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Anushka Sharma worried about Mumbai haunting England, gave a special message to the people

Corona is starting to scare once again. There are reports of increasing cases of corona from different states of the country, meanwhile Anushka Sharma has posted to make people aware. Anushka Sharma has requested people to wear masks. He has shared a graph of such people on Instagram, who were caught without a mask. This photo was posted by Mumbai Police to alert people.

People without wearing masks are increasing the danger

Anushka Sharma has not yet returned to India from England but is keeping all the updates about her country. In view of the increasing cases of corona in Mumbai, he has appealed to the people to wear masks. On Tuesday, Anushka shared a graph of people who were caught by Mumbai Police without masks on her Instagram story. Anushka has written in her caption, Anushka has written while making a hand-joining emoji, wear a mask, think about others too. Stars like Anil Kapoor, Kiara Advani and Karisma Kapoor have also shared the post and appealed to people to wear masks.

Rumi Jaffrey’s covid test positive

Cases of Kovid-19 have increased in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region in the last few days. Where till now 250 cases were being received daily, 350 cases are being received in the last 5 days of mid-August. On August 1, 325 Kovid cases were found in Mumbai. Filmmaker Rumi Jaffrey’s Kovid test has also turned out to be positive.



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