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Didn’t know about being bisexual at Moose Jattana’s house, told after eviction, mother’s reaction

Moose Jattana has recently been eliminated from Bigg Boss OTT. When she was on the show, it was revealed that she was bisexual. He himself said that he wanted to marry the girl. This news was also in the headlines. Moose has now reached home and has told her mother’s reaction. Moose’s family members did not know about his sexuality before, they came to know on the show itself.

no big deal

After coming out of Bigg Boss house, Moose Jattana told what was the reaction of her mother when she was bisexual. It’s not a big deal because it’s my sexuality, says Moose in an interview with News18. People have to enter my personal life so much that they can leak and share my videos, then I should be completely open about my life. I had never told my mother, I never sat down and told her that I like girls. I just told him that I am going on a date with the girl.

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Mother said, there was a lot of discussion

Moose further says, this is not a big deal in my house. So it shouldn’t be a big deal for anyone. I realized this when I came out of the house and read the news articles. I thought, oh man, people care about me. When I showed the article to my mother, she said that there was a lot of discussion about this.



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