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Gauhar Khan got angry for being called 12 years older than her husband, now the truth has been told

Actress Gauhar Khan married Zaid Darbar in December last year i.e. 2020. The marriage of these two was also in the headlines due to the age gap. Gauahar Khan and her husband Zaid also faced trolls on social media during their marriage. At the same time, Gauahar was very angry after reading a media report, in which it was written that she is 12 years older than her husband Zaid. At that time, Zaid had advised Gauahar not to react to such things. He has revealed this incident recently during a chat show.

Zaid gave advice

Both Zaid and Gauahar had reached during a chat show. Here Zaid told that whenever it comes to dealing with trolls, he takes advice from Gauahar. At the same time, Gauahar told on this that there was a time when she wanted to blast someone but Zaid advised her to remain calm. On Invites Only, Gauahar said that she saw a headline claiming that she is 12 years senior to Zaid. Gauahar told that she got angry on Zaid after seeing this headline that why is your age wrong on Vicky? It’s all your fault’.

the truth told

Gauahar further told that after hearing this Zaid told him- ‘Calm down. Does it matter if I’m younger than you? No matter how many years you are, why are you bothered by this? Even if I am 20 years younger than you, I don’t care. It is a different matter that I am only 6 years younger than you. At the same time, Gauahar’s husband Zaid says that there is some wrong information on Wikipedia. There is also me, my Wikipedia page mentions a movie of mine, which is Miss India or something like that and I don’t know anything about this movie.



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