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Hina Khan shocked by the death of Siddharth Shukla, Kushal Tandon left social media after losing a friend

Sidharth Shukla said goodbye forever on 2nd September. His untimely death has shocked his fans. Even though two days have passed since his death, people are still unable to accept the truth that Siddhartha has left this world at the age of forty. Something similar is also the case with TV actress Hina Khan and actor Kushal Tandon. While Siddharth’s death has broken Hina from inside, Kushal has apologized to Sid for the shameful act of some stars and said goodbye to social media.

Hina Khan’s emotional tweet

Actress Hina Khan has made an emotional tweet after Siddharth Shukla merged into Panchtatva. In this tweet, Hina has consoled Siddharth’s family and prayed for them while explaining her condition. She writes in the tweet, – When we are going through the sour-sweet experience of life, only then we can understand life in an even better way, perhaps only then a new form of life comes out beyond imagination.

expressed his pain in the second tweet

Sharing another post, Hina writes while expressing her health and mental condition – was already facing a bitter truth that I am scared after losing my friend Siddharth. I am upset and sick too, I am struggling with myself to cope with this sad situation. Hina’s post has gone viral. People are sharing courageous messages to overcome this grief by commenting on his post.

Let us tell you that recently Hina Khan has lost her father, after that she is shocked after losing her friend. Hina has mentioned these things in her post.

Kushal Tandon apologizes to Sid

Now let’s talk about Kushal Tandon’s post, Kushal Jahan is shattered after losing his friend, although he is also angry on some stars for their shameful antics. Kushal is angry with those who posed in front of the media during Siddharth Shukla’s last visit. He has shared a post from his Instagram story, in which he wrote – Whatever is happening is very bad. If you really want to pay respect then pray for the departed soul and don’t take it as an opportunity to be photographed. Sad, sorry Sid. Rest in Peace Superstar.

Kushal Tandon quits social media

Apart from this, Kushal has shared a post, in which he has written that he has asked to leave social media forever. He has written in the Instagram post – I am leaving social media, till then remain a human being in the society and in your family.



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