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In ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Neetu told Kapoors Lallu, said- ‘Rubaab from above, from inside…’

The style of Neetu Kapoor, the famous actress of her time and wife of late actor Rishi Kapoor, is the most unique. Neetu is known for her loving behavior as well as her outspoken style. In such a situation, when Neetu recently reached Kapil Sharma’s show, she called the Kapoors as Lallu.

Neetu told Kapoors as Lallu
Actually Sony TV shared a promo clip of The Kapil Sharma Show on social media. In this video, Neetu Kapoor and Kapil Sharma are seen talking about the Kapoor family. To which Neetu says, ‘Kapoors Ka Naa Ek Fake Arrogance Hai, Kapoor Arrogance. Rubaab from above, Lallu from inside. Riddhima is shocked to hear this from mother Neetu, while Kapil and Archana burst out laughing.

Kapil gifts sister clothes to girlfriend
Remind that in the show itself, Riddhima also shared a funny anecdote about brother Ranbir Kapoor. In the show, Kapil Sharma questions Riddhima that I have heard that when you were studying in London, Ranbir used to pick up your things and gift them to his girlfriend.

Riddhima opened the secret
Riddhima says yes to Kapil Sharma’s question, and then she says, ‘Yes, I remember when I came back from London, his girlfriend had come home, so I saw that she was wearing my own top, which I was looking for. Was. Later it came to know that Ranbir used to pick up my own things and give them to her. At the same time, after this disclosure of the daughter, Neetu gets shocked and starts laughing.



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