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Kangana Ranaut compared the Bollywood industry with ‘Wall of China’, said – everyone is trying to bring down…

These days actress Kangana Ranaut is very busy with her upcoming film ‘Thalaivi’. She has high hopes from this film and this is the reason why Kangana is also promoting it with jee-jaan. At the same time, recently he has once again openly spoken about his bitter experiences in the Bollywood industry. During this, Kangana compared Bollywood with the ‘Wall of China’. Not only this, he believes that there is a lack of many such essential emotions, which are found especially in regional cinema.
Bollywood is a place where…

Kangana Ranaut recently said during a conversation with a YouTube channel- ‘The biggest thing about regional cinema is that people find a common ground here. He adapts himself according to the need and that is what keeps him connected… Whereas, there is a diversity in Hindi films as we have all migrated to Mumbai. But despite this, there is always a tension. Everyone is trying to bring everyone down. It has become such a poisonous place, where no one is happy for anyone’.

path in the wall of china

Kangana further said- ‘A place where there is no love, no goodwill, sympathy or brotherhood, then you imagine how toxic such a place would be. At the same time, regional cinema is going to the heights. There is such a place where people have wonderful behavior towards each other. I hope it stays like this, many people don’t come and spoil it’. Kangana says that at the time of her debut in Bollywood, she faced difficulties due to no casting agent, OTT platform. The actress says that she had to fight herself to make way in Bollywood’s ‘Wall of China’ after all the roads were closed.



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