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Look carefully at Hrithik Roshan’s house, the actor’s funny answer on this fan’s comment

Hrithik Roshan surprises his fans many times by replying on social media. Recently something similar happened. Hrithik Roshan posted a picture of himself on Instagram. His mother Pinky Roshan was also seen in this. In this photo, the attention of a fan fell on the dampness visible behind him. Fan commented on this in the comment box, to which Hrithik Roshan has given a funny answer.

Hrithik shows his beautiful morning

Hrithik Roshan took a mirror selfie on his Instagram and posted it on Insta. He commented on this, on lazy breakfast date with mother. It is best to feel like Sunday on Wednesday. Now go and hug your mother. Hrithik was sharing his beautiful morning feeling with the fans but the attention of one of his fans went elsewhere.

Hrithik replied on Ceylan’s comment

A follower commented on Hrithik’s post, take a look at the dampness at Hrithik Roshan’s house. To this Hrithik has replied, at present the house is also on rent. I am taking my home very soon. In another comment, Hrithik has written, if there is no dampness, how will it be fun to fix the dampness, brother?

Hrithik Roshan will soon shift to a luxury house

The rest of his fans are also enjoying the conversation between Hrithik and his follower. According to reports, the rent of the house where Hrithik is living on rent is more than Rs 8 lakh per month. There were reports that he has invested Rs 100 crore in the property.

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