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Mahi Vij blocks her husband Jai Bhanushali on Instagram, will be shocked to know the reason

Jai Bhanushali and Mahi Vij are known as the famous couple of TV industry. Even though famous actress Mahi Vij has not been seen on screen for a long time, but she remains very active on social media. Meanwhile, there is news that Mahi has blocked her love partner on Instagram. Jai Bhanushali himself has disclosed about this to his fans by sharing a video from his Instagram story.

Mahi did not like her look

The reason why Mahi has blocked Jai Bhanushali on Instagram is a very funny thing. Actually, recently Jai Bhanushali has shared a photo with his daughter and wife Mahi from his Instagram account. Sharing this, he wrote in the caption ‘Family’.

Mahi commented and wrote I am blocking you

In this photo, where social media users got praise after seeing the look of Mahi Vij, but Mahi found her look very bad. So Mahi got angry and blocked Jai on her Instagram. Commenting on this post of Jai Bhanushali, Mahi Vij has told that he has blocked Jai. She writes in the comment, I am blocking you.

If I had done this then all the lectures would have started coming by now.

Now in the video shared by Jai ki baat karne you can see that Jai is saying Hi Guys.. Yesterday I posted a photo and this madam has blocked me. After this he says that if I had done this or not, what would have been the allegations against me. This is a very nonsense thing. Jai says, “If I had done this, all the lectures would have started coming by now. You don’t love me like that anymore. You must be having an affair with someone else.” Through the video, Jai Bhanushali sought the help of the fans and asked them to convince Mahi to unblock him.

Mahi looked angry in the video

This video has been shot by Jai himself. In the video, you can see that sitting on the couch, Mahi is treating Jai with such rudeness. However, at this time there is a mood of fun and fun. Avala Jai ​​of the video also shared a screen shot, which was given to him by Mahi. In this screen shot, Mahi’s fans have appealed to him to unblock Jai.



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