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On Ganesh Chaturthi, Bhuvan Bam became emotional after remembering the departed parents, expressed his displeasure with Bappa like this

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated all over the country. From the stars to the common people, there was an atmosphere of celebration, although in the meantime, famous YouTuber and influencer Bhuvan Bam looked sad and also made a post related to it on social media.

He loved you Bappa….
Actually Bhuvan shared two pictures on his Insta story. In one picture where Bhuvan’s late father is seen with Ganpati Bappa, in another picture his late mother. Sharing the mother’s picture, Bhuvan wrote in the caption, ‘She used to love you Bappa, this is not right.’ At the same time, Bhuvan wrote with the father’s picture, ‘He also loved you very much, this is not right.’

died due to corona
Remind that in June 2021, Bhuvan had informed that his parents had died due to corona. Bhuvan wrote in his post, ‘I lost both my lifelines due to Kovid. Nothing will be the same without Ai and Baba. Everything has fallen apart in a month. Home, dreams, everything. I do not have my mother, Baba is not with me. Now I have to learn to live from the beginning, I am not feeling like.

Am I not a good son?
Asking further questions, Bhuvan Bam wrote in his post, ‘Am I not a good son? Wasn’t what I did enough to save them? I will have to live with these questions forever. Can’t wait to see them again. I wish that day would come soon.’ His grief is still being expressed from Bhuvan’s latest Insta story.



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