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Rakhi Sawant was blown away by the praise received from Twinkle Khanna, said thank you with folded hands

Rakhi Sawant remains in the discussion every day for her flirtatious style. At the same time, the struggle of years is also clearly visible behind his smile. About which she has been seen talking in many interviews. Recently, actress and writer Twinkle Khanna wrote such things about Rakhi in the post, which Rakhi herself became emotional after reading. Twinkle talks about a special quality of Rakhi, which makes her different from everyone else. Rakhi has thanked this post with folded hands.

If I were in Rakhi’s place

The praise of Twinkle Khanna has been shared on the Instagram account of ‘Tweak India’. In which it was written- ‘The way Rakhi Sawant has to face constant taunts from the public for many years, I would have dug a pit for myself and lived like a meerkat in it for the rest of my life. But you can’t be ashamed when you indulge yourself in that joke. The more you laugh at them, they will laugh too. From a bank to lifting my family out of poverty and making a place for myself in a competitive industry… This post also contains a link to a detailed post written about Rakhi’.

rakhi says thank you

After reading this post, Rakhi thanked her Twinkle and also shared a screenshot of her comment on it. He wrote thank you with folded hands in the caption. He wrote in the comment- ‘Thank you so much Twinkle, it is really a big thing for me that you took the time to write for me. I have always been a One Woman Army and have fought for what I believe in. I was laughed at, I was abused, trolled in such a place. He further wrote that it takes an iron heart to be Rakhi Sawant.

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