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Rumors spread about the death of Sapna Chaudhary, fans started paying tribute, know the real reason for this fake news

It does not take time to spread any news on social media, although sometimes rumors spread rapidly through social media and now Sapna Choudhary has become the victim of these rumors. This rumor is going viral on social media that Sapna Chaudhary has passed away.

rumor spread on social
Actually, in a Facebook post it was claimed that Sapna Chaudhary died in a road accident in Sirsa, Haryana. Seeing this rumor went viral and fans started paying tribute to Sapna Chaudhary. Many social media users also posted this linking to Siddharth Shukla and expressed grief.

Sapna Choudhary is right and safe
Let us tell you that these news going viral on social media are completely fake, and Sapna Chaudhary is absolutely safe. At the same time, some time ago he has also shared a video on social media. It is worth noting that in the road accident that is being talked about, on August 29, another Haryanvi dancer Preeti died. Preeti was also known as Junior Sapna. In such a situation, this rumor spread due to the name of Sapna.

Sapna was also seen in Big Boss
It is worth noting that earlier Sapna Chaudhary was a big name of Haryana, while she got recognition in the whole country from Bigg Boss. Sapna was seen in Bigg Boss 11, while after that she also showed her strength in Bollywood. Sapna’s songs are very much liked by the audience. Sapna has been in discussion about professional life as well as personal life.



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