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Saira Banu came out of ICU, the doctor told the truth on the news of depression and angiography

On September 3, it was reported that veteran actress Saira Banu was admitted to the ICU of Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai. After this, now a good news has come out that Saira Banu has come out of ICU. At the same time, the doctor says that he is much better than before and is fine.

Saira is not in depression
At the time of Saira’s admission, there were also reports that she was suffering from depression, on this, during a conversation with The Times of India, Dr Nitin Gokhale, who was treating Saira Bans, said, ‘Saira ji is not suffering from depression. , Plus she is not having any difficulty at all, which in other words means she is not avoiding angiography.

Saira did not refuse for angiography
Apart from this, there were also reports that Saira Banu is refusing for angiography. On these reports, Dr Nitin said, ‘As I told you last time that angiography will be done after we control Saira ji’s diabetes. So there is no question of him saying no to him.

Saira will be discharged soon
At the same time, according to a report in the Indian Express, Saira Banu will be discharged from the hospital within the next one or two days. Significantly, Dilip Kumar died on 7 July at the age of 98 after a prolonged illness.



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