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Sapna Choudhary got angry on the false news of her death, said – people have been killed many times in 5-6 years

Well-known Haryanvi dancer, actress and ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Sapna Chaudhary remains in discussions through her videos. At the same time, when false news spread about his death in the past, Sapna herself was also shocked. It was told in Fake News that Sapna Chaudhary had a horrific accident in Sirsa, Haryana and died. However, it was later revealed that some other dance had died, not Sapna, whom people called ‘Junior Sapna’. At the same time, now Sapna Choudhary herself has come out and responded to these reports.

Sapna Choudhary has got used to

Sapna Chaudhary also appeared very angry while talking on these rumours. According to Sapna, he was not surprised by these news. He said in an interview to Spotboye- ‘I have got used to all these things now, in the last 5-6 years people have killed me many times. When such news was spread for the first time, I was very upset but now I do not even answer on it. Now it seems that every year the news of my death has to come. Sometimes they get killed in an accident, sometimes they get shot and sometimes they say that there has been a heart attack. Now even my family has got used to such news.

Such news spread before

Let us tell you that in 2016, such rumors were spread on social media that Sapna Chaudhary died in the hospital due to consuming poison. At the same time, in 2017 there were similar false reports that Sapna had a horrific accident and she died. Even during that time, these news were seen to be shocking to everyone.



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