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Thalaivii Movie Review: Dance… Dialogue Baazi and Kangana Ranaut’s strong performance won hearts, left a shortcoming

Kangana Ranaut’s most awaited film ‘Thalaivi’ has finally released today. The ups and downs of Jayalalithaa’s life have been shown through this film. More than the political career of Jayalalithaa in ‘Thalaivi’, a glimpse of her personal life has been seen. The film depicts how a naive girl in the midst of life’s difficulties transforms herself into a powerful woman the world calls ‘Amma’.

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‘Thalaivi’ director Vijay has covered those aspects of Jaya’s life in the film, which even his followers may not know much about. In this biopic of Jayalalithaa, songs, dance sequences and a lot of dialogue have been seen. Special attention has been paid to the look and speech of the characters in the film. The characters of the film will take you back to the old times. The first half of the film traces the era of 60s, when Jayalalithaa has to give up her dream of becoming a lawyer to support the family and join the acting field.

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The beautiful and talented Jayalalithaa got a chance to work with many superstars during this period. In which MG Ramachandran was also involved. Their love-story goes through many ups and downs but when politics comes in the middle, their lives change. Thalaivi’s first half shows Jayalalithaa’s dedication to MGR without straying. There is a glimpse of love and respect between the two through some heart-touching scenes. At the same time, in the second half, it is shown in a dramatic way how MGR is making a career in politics and what was Jaya’s contribution to his career.

one shortcoming

There seems to be a gap between all this. Jayalalithaa’s love of saris and sandals was not shown in any special way in the film. While Kangana Raut’s scintillating performance on one hand won the hearts of the people, on the other hand those who went to watch the film to know in detail about the illustrious political career of ‘Amma’ might have to be a little disappointed.



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