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5th Sep 2021 Episode Gopinath Brings Vadivelu Look-Alikes and His Fans Together

India’s leading entertainment channel in the Tamil region called Star Maa is making its audience crazy with its all programs and in the midst of entertainment Star Maa’s Neeya Naana is another interesting thing to keep eyes locked on the screen. Well, there is no doubt that the show is one of the most plausible reality talk shows, where not only fun but also knowledge takes place. You must be super excited to know about today’s topic, so here we are jumping the gun the let you know about not only the topic but also the entire scene, going to happen.

However, there are plenty more entertainment reality shows but when it comes to Neeya Naana things get spicier because the show is not all about entertainment but also an acquaintance. In the previous episode of it, we have watched a debate over the current situation of the education system where individuals were divided into two groups where parents expressed their fear regarding the re-opening of the schools. However, parents expressed their concern towards their kids sending schools again amidst the pandemic but they also praised the decision of the government, saying they are with the initiate but all the feared of situation because despite keeping all the safety the virus has caught so many people and this is the biggest fear they are scared of. No doubt the audience got to know every single point that must be popping in their mind.

Well, as you all know that the makers of the show are trying their best to make the game more beautiful and therefore they bring the latest concepts in every episode to keep their audience stick to the screens. In today’s episode of Neeya Naana, you all are going to be entertained for sure because today the host Gopinath will bring Vadivelu’s look-alikes and some of his die heart fans together on the set where they will be discussing the cultural influence of veteran actor Vadivelu . No doubt the episode is going to be pretty entertaining because fans will ask Vadivelu’s look-alike that how he feels being look-alike of the superstar.

So, as the show is all set to make its audience feel over the sky with the latest debate or say a tickling concept no doubt the interest will grip every single viewer. Don’t forget to watch the complete episode today at the right time and stay tuned with us to catch all the latest and live updates and also the behind-the-scenes.

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