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Aarav Rushes Behind Badi Maa

The recent episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 begins where Aarav rushes behind Badi Maa & Gajender but he asks him to go his way without saying even a single word to them. But Aarav tries to justify himself to Geetanjali Devi that he did not give any wrong statement regarding her please believe him. Meanwhile, says that he has done all this to prevent an innocent guy from punishment another side, Vivaan asks Shankar Mathur about the name of the sender. But he does not unleash anything and says that his well-wisher sent him here to prevent Simar’s father.

After a while, Aarav asks Simar what happened why she is not glad now someone said something inappropriate, but she replies that nothing has happened to her. Meanwhile, she thanks him by saying that he has done such a favour, which she always remembers. Aarav consoles her that whatever he has done was only to save his close ones because he considers Simar’s father like his father therefore he did such things to make him save. Later, Siamr mentions that he went against his family for her father which is incredible and matters a lot to her.

Another side, Vivaan congratulates him for the victory and his faith by saying that he knew everything and her trust proved right. Meanwhile, says that his family was waiting for this moment for a long, and finally, it has arrived which is incredible and he wants to enjoy each and every moment. Then Ahaan comes to Simar because she was behaving a bit weird and asked her about the problem but she hugs him without unleashing even a single word. Meanwhile, Ahaan assures her that the circumstances have been passed and the upcoming situation will be good so there is no need to think more.

Spontaneously, Simar replies to him that she knows he went against everyone to make her father prove innocent, which is quite amazing and she never ever forgets this favor of him. Both come close to each other and feels their auspicious feelings towards each other. Where Ahaan assures her that no matter what happens he will always be with her in bad or good circumstances and will never leave her to face all consequences alone. Simar gets emotional and recalls all those golden moments which she spent with Ahaan, so watch it on Colors at 06:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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