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Anirudh Leaves Bondita In Mandap

Colors TV serial Barrister Babu has gotten the fans hooked to the edge of their seats. Let’s find out what will take place in today’s written update of the show. It begins with Anirudh. He asks the shopkeeper to give him the best Sindoor available. The shopkeeper shows his the Sindoor from Maa Durga’s feet and states that whoever woman applies this will get immense love from her husband. He gets happy as he dreams of applying this Sindoor to Bondita’s Maang. The latter playfully touches Anirudh’s nose with her forehead. Anirudh asks what is she doing.

Bondita tells him that it’s just a ritual as Sindoor on one’s husband’s nose means that she has become his wife and that they belong to one another only. The pair bursts into laughter after that. However, it was just a dream of Anirudh. Meanwhile, Bihari comes running towards Anirudh and suggests he should go to Tulsipur as Trilochan is forcefully making Shashwati married. Anirudh gets stunned and drops the box of Sindoor.

Here, Trilochan asks Somnath to lock Shashwati in a room. Somnath asks Trilochan if Anirudh didn’t come even after getting the information of Shashwati. Trilochan says that he knows him and believes that Anirudh will come running to Tulsipur and will leave the marriage with Bondita mid-way. Here, Anirudh decides to leave Tuslipur as he cannot let another child marriage happen. On another side, Bondita waits for Anirudh in Mandap. Kali looks for Raja.

A person speaks up and tells them he saw Raja sitting in a car and going somewhere. Bondita gets shocked hearing that. Bondita rushes to Anirudh’s car to stop him but he is long gone. Chandrachur who had listened to the conversation of Bihari and Anirudh earlier tries to comfort Bondita. There, Anirudh reaches on time and asks Trilochan to stop the marriage. Shahswati smiles seeing him there. Another side, Bondita gets shocked seeing Chandrachur and tries to run away.

Chandrachur tells her that she should not run away from reality and says that Anirudh had made fake promises to her and that he doesn’t have any feelings for her. Bondita doesn’t believe it and thinks that her Anirudh can not leave her. She cries thinking of him. In the next scene, Anirudh taunts the groom’s family for having such conservative thinking. However, Sampoorna tells Anirudh that ut was just a trap for Anirudh as Trilochan didn’t want him to get married to Bondita. For Barrister Babu more written updates, follow our site.


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