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Anupamaa Episode 8th August 2021 Written Update: AK Saves Samar’s Life

Today’s episode of Anupamaa starts with Kavya telling Vanraj about Anuj Kapadia aka AK. She says that she researched about him on the internet and has gotten plenty of information. Vanraj who was shaving his beard asks why is she even interested in collecting the details of AK. Kavya answers that he happens to be smart and handsome so it’s really suspicious how is still single and that she wants to know about him as there could be some reason behind it or a buried past. However, she ends it by saying they shouldn’t mind him.

Here, Samar is seen walking down the road while recalling words of Rohan. He doesn’t have any sense as he just continues to walk. On another side, the Shah family have dressed up in Radha and Krishna attire and look adorable. Here, Pakhi feels thankful to Kinjal and Anu for suggesting this excellent idea. Coming back to Samar, he still hasn’t returned home which worries Nandini. She wonders where could he be as the latter is not even answering her calls. Anupama understands that Nandini is worried. She silently prays for Rohan and his safety.

Samar is still hurt over knowing that Nandini was in contact with Rohan. Ahead, it is shown that both GK and AK are on their way towards the temple. GK requests AK to put on some energetic songs and starts dancing hearing Bachna Ae Hasino. Next, Anu calls Samar and asks him to come home and talk to Nandini as she is really worried. She asks him to fix everything to which Samar replies that everything has gotten ruined and nothing can be fixed. Anupama tells Samar that he is a strong boy and knows how to pull everything right but Samar continues to be upset.

Here, AK and GK step out of his car. They notice Samar who is walking on the road senselessly. They get concerned and think about what had happened to him. Meanwhile, a truck at full speed moves towards Samar. AK gets tense and rushes in his direction to save him. Another side, Anu who was still on call with Samar gets scared hearing the sound of the accident. Soon, everyone gets tense. She informs everyone that Samar has gotten into an accident. Nandini cries and blames herself for his situation. Anu cries while Vanraj assures her that Samar will be fine. Follow our site for more Anupamaa written updates.

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