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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd September 2021 Written Episode: Veer fumes at Sooraj

In the latest episode of the show you will watch, Veer fumes at Sooraj, and due to this he hits him and Sooraj gets injured so he screams. Meanwhile, Vijya comes there and gets angry at Veer saying how can he dare to hit his son and that too in her house. Veer steps towards her and says that people like her and her son deserves this. Vijay asks him if he is doing this because he also hit his brother. Veer makes eye contact and says, if anyone harms his family then he will not think about limits and will do as worst as he can.

Veer says that he will not think about her before doing anything if she is going to harm his family. Vijya gets annoyed saying that he has snatched everything from him but still the Rajwat family is thinking that they have everything, she then says him to face the reality now this is not the time when they used to rule everything. Rani gets tensed listening to this. Sooraj sees everything and says to his mother to let it be, Vijya says him that how can she be silent as he hit her son. Vijya yells saying where everyone has gone, she calls her goons and says them to take him away, her goons grips Veer and takes him out, Rani gets worried.

Sooraj standing there thinks that he has to win Chandirka’s (Rani) heart. He says his mother not to think more about it and let it be, he says that he also hit Veer’s brother so this is end here, he also says to Vijya that they are royal people they should forgive poor people like them. Vijya is still in anger and thinking to ruin Veer’s life. Suddenly, Rani says that her worship has done now and she should leave. Sooraj asks him that how can it be over soon, he insists on her staying some more time.

Rani denies staying there and leaves. Sooraj says her to have some Prasad as she made it. Rani looks at him and eats the holy food, he says her to make him eat from his hands. Rani does not make him eat and says that she should go now as her job has been done. Sooraj again chants the same thing saying “we are royal we know hospitality, I will drop you” Rani thinks that how can she go with him because Veer must be standing out and waiting for her, she tries to say while Sooraj denies listing her and says that he will go with her. The episode ends here, don’t forget to watch the amazing episode tonight at the right time.


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