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Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 (BALH) 2nd Sept 2021 Written Update: Ram Meets Priya Again

One of the most popular daily soaps “Bade Acche Lagte Hai” has back on television along with a fresh season, and this time also makers bringing high voltage drama. As everyone knows that six years ago Ram had abandoned by his girlfriend Vedika, but due to his exploits he lost respect as well because his family tried to stop him but he did not listen to them. But Priya’s case is totally different because she is not rich enough and her background not as strong as Ram’s. So both Ram and Priya are looking to their love after ditching by their partners.

The upcoming episode starts where Priya decided to go to the hotel and Ram is checking out the images of plenty of cars. Meanwhile, Shivi takes place and looks at the image and requests him to bring the car for her, because she wants it as soon as possible. In short, she shows her stubbornness Ram convinces and agrees to purchase the car for her but meanwhile, informs her that he is going for dinner. Spontaneously he gets a call and informs says that he knows the correct location so there is no need to think more he will reach there on time.

On the other side, Priya also gets a call from Sara and reaches the same hotel but suddenly she gets into an argument with a man and addresses all men’s are the same. Meanwhile, says that she knows he is considering her alien because of her attire because nowadays everyone has a perception. Under which, they judge everyone due to their look which is totally unfair, and mentions that it does not make sense that only the rich have the right to go anywhere. So please stop creating such lines without any reason, because one day it will affect him too.

Further, she mentions that he can not break her confidence no matter what happens at the same time, Ram enters too and sees her but without giving any reaction he goes to Vrinda and Adi. Meanwhile, Ram starts talking to them and says that he knows they do not trust him Vrinda replies, yes because they came here to just see him. Then Ram goes to meet that girl who is sitting at another table, and extempore an anonymous man comes to Priya too. So do not miss watching it on Sony TV at 08:00 PM and for further details connect with us.


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