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Badi Maa Asks Aarav To Forget Simar

The latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 begins with, Geetanjali Devi standing in front of Aarav and asking him if he really loves Simar. Badi Maa thinks back to the time when Aarav promised her that he will leave Simar after one month but Geetanjali Devi gets shocked when Aarav nods and says that he loves her. She asks him again saying that 15 days have passed and 15 are still remaining. She says him to think again about what he is saying otherwise he will have to repent.

Badi Maa then pressures him again asking the same question again. On the other side Simar gets the coffee ready and leaves the kitchen, she gets to the room where Badi Maa and Aarav are talking, she overhears them when Aarav gets frustrated and says he just knows that he can’t love someone more than his Dadi , Maa, and Papa. Badi Maa then says that as he came here to apologize and has told her that he can do anything for her happiness. Aarav nods yes… Badi Maa looks at her and says to assures her that he is the same Aarav Oswal her grandson who he used to be before. Aarav looks at her and says that he is the same one and has not changed and still can do everything in her single order.

Geetanjali Devi turns the situation when she says to Aarav to make a promise that he will kick Simar out of Oswal’s mansion after 15 days and from his heart as well. She says him to do this if he can. His eyes get wet hearing this, he wipes his tear out and says that everything will happen as she wants. She then says him to start going office tomorrow and his focus should be on his work and new projects and just after 15 days he has to leave Simar. Aarav controls his tears and says “promise”.

Geetanjali Devi then says him to be on his words and will not fall in love with Simar again. He nods his head, she takes him to the temple and says to swear in front of Mata Rani that he is not going to love her again and will kick her out of the house and his heart after 15 days. Aarav folds his hands saying he will do what his Daddy wants and will leave feelings for Simar and will never look back not even think about Simar again. The episode ends here, don’t forget to watch the complete episode tonight at the right time.

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