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Badi Maa gives some files to Gajendra

In the latest episode of the show, there will be some more drama waiting for you, as you all know that the show has reached another level of drama so no doubt the weekend’s episode of SSK2 is going to be so entertaining along with drama. Well, the episode begins with, Simar performing chores in the kitchen and says Maharaj Ji to mix the flour and get some arrangements of spices to make poha. Meanwhile, Sandhya comes there and asks her about what she is doing, Simar replies that she was watching some show and now she is all set to make something new for all.

There, Badi Maa gives some files to Gajendra saying she wants kitchen inauguration and another and the most important thing is she also wants that girl to be kicked off from the house now. On the other side, Lalit steps to Roma and tells her that he has a piece of good news, Roma asks him that what he is talking about, he replies that soon his book will be published. Instead of being happy in his happiness, she asks him that what will he do until that, she suggests he go and do some work. Roma also says that she does not want to be a servant of his mother. Lalit gets upset listing her words and says that he just can’t do a 9 to 5 job as it is not a cup of tea for him and once his book got published then he will be called in a Mushayira, she looks at him in in an annoying manner.

Meanwhile, Shobha calls her out, and says her to go and get a glass of water to Pandit Ji, he tells her about Mahurat and leaves. Lalit also comes out and asks Shobha that why Pandit came. Roma brings some rice to cook but Shobha scolds her for bringing another rice instead of Basmati.

Roma replies that the shop she went to did not have the rice, she wants. So instead of Basmati, the shopkeeper gave her this one. Shobha gets a chance to jibe at her so she says to her that in this house they only eat Basmati rice not some cheap rice like her Maayka. Well, there is something more that you should watch tonight, and stay tuned with us to read more updates on the show. Let’s see if Aarav will be able to throw Simar out or not.


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