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Barrister Babu Written Update Episode 12th October 2021: Anirudh’s Brother Batuk Enters The Story

Today’s episode of Barrister Babu starts with Anirudh and Bondita getting into a cute fight. Bondita playfully asks Anirudh to give her Barrister fees to which Anirudh tells her that he is willing to pay her with love. The pair holds hands. Sampoorna comes and opens the Gathbandhan. She asks Anirudh to apply Sindoor in Bondita’s hair partition. Anirudh does the same. Later, everyone starts dancing and enjoys the occasion. Meanwhile, some people arrive. Trilochan asks them about their identity. They tell him that they are from Brahma Samaaj and have come to honor Barrister Babu.

Trilochan gets happy and asks Bihari to call Anirudh. Bondita also comes along with him. The men make Bondita wear the garlands and ask her to bless them. Trilochan gets confused and thinks why they are honoring Bondita instead of Anirudh. Here, Anirudh praises Bondita. The latter says that whatever she has achieved today is because of him. Anirudh says that it’s the result of her hard work and that she has earned it herself. On another side, the camera pans to a mysterious person taking a shower. Here, Anirudh also gets a call. He asks the person to stop calling him and asks who is he.

That mysterious guy tells Anirudh that he just wants to see his worried face and says that he is chilling under his shower right now. Anirudh recognizes him and says that he should come to meet him. Anirudh adds that he wants to hug him and call him by Batuk Roy Chaudhary aka his brother. Batuk gets shocked and asks Anirudh how does he keep him. Bondita also happens to hear the conversation. She recalls him as her childhood friend and gets happy. Bondita talks to Batuk who tells her that he is in Italy now.

Bondita asks Batuk to come soon and tells him how the villagers are honoring her. Here, Batuk is shown throwing his phone while Bondita thinks that the call got disconnected. Meanwhile, Chandrachur is sitting in the police van. The van gets stuck on the road. Chandrachur’s men arrive and break the door lock. Chandrachur says that he knew that they will come to rescue him. However, Chandrachur gets shocked to see someone. It is not revealed who was the said person. To know what happens in the further story and all the upcoming twists and turns, stay tuned to this space.

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