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Blue Whale ULLU Web Series Episode Review Star Cast Actress Name Wiki Biography

The quiet adult content platform Ullu has released a new web show called Blue Whale officially and uncounted fans have streamed it, because of which, now the review is started coming. Ever since, the makers released the series it has created havoc among the fans because this time the makers have done their bit best. Therefore, the story plot of it is a bit different than other series, therefore fans are loving it to watch. All characters have done their finest to attract the audience and somewhere they got success in it, so below you can get all-comprehensive details.

The Title of the series is a bit familiar to the fans because previously a game called Blue Whale was in trading, under which, game makers send some dangerous tasks to the players and asks them to do that at any cost no matter what happens. Because of this, numerous players lost their lives, in the end, the government had to take action while banning it. The game became the subject of discussion when numerous deaths were reported, even the main culprit also got arrested by the police, who was the mastermind behind all these exploits.

When it comes to the storyline of the web show “Blue Whale” so it is based on a Drama thriller, it begins with the lead actress of the show Kriti, who has a dream to become an air hostess. But due to such flaws, she always gets rejected by the authorities and it became the cause of her depression. As soon as her depression increased she decided to explore things to divert her mind and one day she saw a link and downloaded the game. This is proven a turning point in her life but due to horrific tasks she refused to continue it more, so now the suspense ties that what will happen to her now.

Blue Whale Star Cast

  • Siya Patil as Anushka
  • Ananya Sengupta as Kriti Yadav
  • Deep Tripathi as Vineet
  • Rohit Rajawat as Boss

The web series has taken place on 3rd September 2021 so the viewers can watch it on the Ullu platform, but before everything, you just need to purchase the subscription. Because only then you can get access to watch such web shows, many web series have been released and got appreciation by the fans. When the trailer took place uncounted people watched it and they got the curiosity to catch it as soon as possible, and when it was released by the makers officially, viewers streamed it massively.


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