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Divyanka Wins Ticket To Finale?

The quite emphatic stunt reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11 is gradually going towards the decisive phase, in short, the grand finale is around the corner. Hence, the makers are doing such things to enhance the entertainment level weekly, because the audience love to watch the show. So, therefore, recently a promo of the Semi-Finals took place on the official handle of Colors Channel, because of which someone will get Ticket-To-Finale where all contestants are talking about getting the TTF. Because now the show has reached the spot from where no one would like to be evicted.

The upcoming episode will begin with a naughty angle of Rohit Shetty where he makes Shweta Tiwari sits beside the pool track, and he will ask her a few questions regarding him or the Captown. First, he asks that at what color of attire he wore in the first episode of KKK-S11, and each wrong answer will cut the wire which connected her with the surface. But she gives the wrong answer and one wire cut, later he asks about the population of Capetown and she again answers wrong. In the end, she would have to fall into the pool and gets wet properly.

It is being said through the reports, that Divyanka Tripathi has a massive chance to take over the Ticket To Finale TTF, because the way of her stunt playing is mind-boggling. Even she has the ability to defeat her competitors because from the very beginning, she is spreading the magic of stunt perception. Even uncounted fans love to watch her while facing the task because she does not give up or abort, no matter what happens. In short, she is living up to the expectations of her supporters, who wait for her to appear on the screen every week.

As we have become a witness to her fearlessness when she defeated all boys in the dragging stunt, when their heads were covered by the crystal box and creatures were added to them. Her Box is fully loaded with the snakes but despite this, she concentrated on her stunt and did it before anyone else. Even her competitors said that they had known that Divyanka will take over the stunt, because she builds up their faith while completed all stunts, whether it’s related to height, creatures, water, etc. she did not step back and finish her stunts. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at 09:30 PM and for more details connect with us


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