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Fateh Addresses Jasmine His Wife

The recent episode of Udaariyaan begins where Fateh his rage towards Tejo and refuses to go with her to the Party, but meanwhile, passes a derogatory remark that Bojo is free and she can bring him there because he is getting closer to her nowadays. After hearing all this, Tejo gets worried because she is unable to understand that why he is behaving like a chameleon because as per his mood he gets sweet and suddenly becomes bitter which is inappropriate enough. Then she decides to go to college to make her mind divert from this stuff as soon as she can.

After reaching the college she gets an invitation to the party, but she keeps on wondering whatever is going on with her nowadays due to Fateh. Meantime, she wonders that no matter what happens but she will have to figure out the reason behind his weird behavior. Later, Tejo takes a Retro special attire and reaches the party but she does not have an idea that Jasmine and Fateh also came there. As similar as Fateh and Jasmine also do not know that Same invitation Tejo got to, therefore they are meeting to the relatives without hesitation.

Then both Fateh and Jasmine reach the party before Tejo and behaving like husband and wife because Fateh is addressing her as his better half. Both are getting together with the guests and greets them too because all well familiar guests are coming to the party. Jasmine gets happy to see this kind of behavior of Fateh because she wanted it and finally, her dream is coming true through the function. Meanwhile, those who are about to get engaged also come to them and praise Jasmine because they are thinking that she is his wife because they are still unfamiliar with their truth.

During the incident, Fateh does not say anything and his silence indicates everything, Tejo also came there but due to rush, she is unable to meet Jasmine and Fateh. But the twist will take place when the performance of Fateh and Jasmine will be held on, through which, they will get exposed by Tejo. Therefore very special episode is waiting for you because many twists are ready to take place, so let see what type of reaction will come from Tejo. So do not miss watching its Colors at 07:00 PM and for further details stay connected with us.


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