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Imli Breaks Down In Tears

The upcoming episode of Imlie will begin where Saryakam asks Aditya for help by saying that he is in trouble and only Aditya can make him overcome. Aditya agrees and goes with him spontaneously Imli arrives out along with Malini and looks at them together but she does not make them stop. She inwardly thinks that where he is bringing Aditya and meanwhile Malinimakes a call to Aditya and asks him about the location and Satyakam hears everything. As soon as Imli sees that Aditya receives a call she snatches her mobile and talks to him.

Then Satyakam stops his bike deep in the forest where no one is existing Aditya gets doubt and asks why he brought him here. Meanwhile, Satyakam points his gun at Aditya and shoots him as well without hearing even a single statement of him. Aditya gets fallen down on the surface and asks him why he shot him, meanwhile, Satyakam unleashes everything. He says that Aditya is doing such things as Dev has done with Mithi and he does not let him continue this ahead, therefore he is closing his chapter right now. But Aditya gets shocked to hear all this and says that he got misunderstood.

At the same time, Satyakam says he will never let him go anywhere else because he can not betray Imli no matter what happens. Further, mentions that he is really grateful to a woman who told him the entire truth behind his relationship with Imli, and meanwhile, he recalls everything that Malini said to him. Extempore, Satyakam mentions that he got the know his reality and now no matter what happens but he does not have the right to survive with Imli. Satyakam accuses him by saying that all urban’s are the same and they can not change.

Then Aditya tries to make Satyakam understand that he only loves Imli but he is not in a condition to hear anything, and spontaneously shoot him again because of which, he falls from the mountain into the ditch. Imli gets trepidation while attending the function because she is connected with Aditya wholeheartedly hence she got self-fulfillment that something is wrong with Aditya. After a while, Satyakam makes a call to Imli and informs her that he shot Aditya she gets shocked to hear and breaks down in tears. So do not forget to watch it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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