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Jasmine Inflames Fateh Against Tejo

The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan begins where Tejo is waiting for Fateh outside because she is bothering with his weird behavior and therefore, she is keen to get about that. After a while, his arrival takes place and she starts asking him what happened to him why he is doing such things, and somewhere it is affecting their relationship too, so please unleash everything as soon as possible. But Fateh refuses to reveal anything by making an excuse that he has to complete some works of Academy, but Tejo retaliates that if he needs to finish Academy’s work at home so why he is wasting his time there.

After hearing this, Fateh’s anger goes at its peak and he lashes out at Tejo by saying that why she is interfering in his matter without any reason, despite knowing that she can not do anything for him. In short, an argument takes place between the two because of which, Fateh leaves the place by saying that if she thinks he does need to come home, so will do the same. Then he leaves the place and goes to meet Jasmine because somewhere he gets suspicious that maybe Tejo does not have an affair.

Later, he meets Jasmine and informs her that he got into an ugly argument and she was fighting him with full confidence, which indicates her loyalty. But Jasmine tries to inflame Fateh by saying that he should not care about her affair because she knows Tejo better than him. Because Jasmine can not take chance this time in her relationship with Fateh because he made a promise to her that he will take her to Canada. Therefore she is trying her best to create misunderstandings between Tejo and Fateh, because it’s the only way to make them separate.

After a while, Jasmine brings a cake for celebrating their relationship status because soon they are going to Canada for fulfilling their dreams. But Fateh does not feel like cutting it because he is angry enough, but she makes him understand that If Tejo loves Bojo so he should not interfere between the two. Another side, Tejo meets Bojo and informs him whatever is going on with her due to Fateh. Meantime, Tejo reveals that she saw documents of Fateh & Jasmine’s passports together, which seems quite inappropriate as far as she has concerned. So watch it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for further details stay connected with us.


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