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Karan & Preeta Meet Pihu

In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sherlyn calls Prithvi when he was with Kritika in her room. Kritika notices Prithvi’s phone ringing. She asks him to go talk to his second wife. Prithvi gets stunned hearing that. Later, Kritika gestures towards Prithvi’s phone making the latter relieved. He answers the call. Sherlyn asks him why is he not talking and then realizes that he must be near someone. Sherlyn suspects Prithvi and thinks he is with Kritika right now. She says that she will video call him to check where is he right now.

However, Rakhi calls Sherlyn and asks her to help Preeta. Prithvi takes a breath of relief and immediately stuffs his phone in his pocket. Here, Preeta is busy decorating the Parna. Rakhi shows her the statue of Lord Krishna and asks her to decorate the Murti beautifully as it’s the occasion of Janmasthami. Karan comes to Preeta and asks what is she thinking. Preeta says that she thinks to have their own Bal Gopal now. Karan asks why she always thinks of children and says that they are children themselves. Preeta understands that Karan dislikes the topic. Karan leaves feeling bad for Preeta.

In the next scene, Preeta prays to Krishna to fulfill her wish to become a mother. While she was praying, a kid enters the room and starts running here and there. Preeta notices anklets in his adorable feet. However, she couldn’t see the child’s face. Karan who is busy working also hears the sound of anklets. He comes down and sees Preeta looking for the child as well. Later, the child makes a dramatic entry from the curtains. Both Karan and Preeta ask about her. The child says that her name is Pihu. The pair gets mesmerized by the child’s cuteness.

Karan and Preeta ask Pihu where did she come from and how did she enter the house. Though Pihu keeps running around the house. She says that she will only tell them about herself once she feeds her milk. The pair tries to catch her as she keeps hiding behind the windows. Here, Rakhi calls Pihu making both Karan and Preeta shocked. Later, it is revealed that Pihu is an orphan and has been brought to Luthra’s house so that Preeta and Karan can adopt her. Preeta gets extremely happy and immediately turns around to Kanha Ji to thank him for fulfilling her wish. Stay tuned with us to know what happens next in Kundali Bhagya.


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