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Kareena Suggests Karan & Preeta Adopting A Child

Kundali Bhagya has become a major source of entertainment. From inserting storyline to shocking twists, the Zee TV serial is delivering everything to the audience. Previously, in the serial, it was shown that Prithvi badmouthed Sherlyn as the latter had instigated Kritika to move in with Prithvi. Although he wondered why is he thinking about Kritika than Sherlyn. Well, today’s episode is going to be entertaining as well. Let’s see what happens tonight. It starts with Daddy and Kareena. They ask Rakhi about Mahesh as he is not seen in the house for long.

Rakhi answers that Mahesh has begun to consume anti-depressants. Along with Dadi and Kareena, Preeta and Karan also get stunned. They couldn’t believe that Mahesh has again started to take the pills and that his health is deteriorating. Though Rakhi tries to change the topic after seeing everyone’s sad reaction. She says that she is eagerly waiting for the reports of Preeta to come out as she believes that something good will happen on the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. Rakhi shares that she feels the occasion will bring happiness to Karan and Preeta’s lives as they might get a baby boy soon.

On another side, Shrishti looks around and doesn’t find Sarla and Janki. She thinks that they must be preparing for Janmashtami. Here, Sameer decides to inform Shrishti about Sonakshi arriving at Luthra’s house all of a sudden. He immediately calls her and tells her everything. Besides, everyone in Luthra and Arora family is excited to see the medical reports of Preeta. They look forward to discussing the reports with Dr. Aanchal. However, Preeta gets upset after learning that her fertility problem might take some time to get cured over the video conference with Dr. Aanchal.

Rakhi also gets shattered. Kareena tries to comfort Rakhi and says that she knows something that would help Preeta to get better soon. Daddy also asks Kareena to talk about her solution to Preeta and Karan. Kareena advises Karan and Preeta to adopt a child as it will solve all their problems. She suggests this in front of everyone. Kareena adds that the arrival of the baby will bring happiness to the house and they should think about it. She says that she has a friend who can help them with the adoption. What will be Preeta and Karan’s decision? Follow Social Telecast to read further written updates of Kundali Bhagya.

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