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Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2021 Written Update Episode: Pallavi Gets to Know About Ranbir and Rhea’s Intimation

Kumkum Bhagya tonight episode begins with, Prachi and Ranbir both are standing together where Prachi says that she was about to complain to Sid of him, Ranbir holds her hand and says not to have any load on her mind and just feel the vibe because they are on a honeymoon trip. Both of them go to Sid and Rhea where Ranbir says them to sit together holding hands. He then says to them that “you both are married now and can do everything together, at least hold each other’s hand”.

Rhea there tries to spice up the moment saying that how can she hold someone’s hand and how can he see this. Prachi looks on, Rhea says that if she holds Sid’s hand so won’t he feel bad. Prachi starts giving a weird smile and scares Ranbir. Suddenly she says that she was just kidding. Ranbir says that he said her but Prachi responded. Ranbir then looks at her and asks why she said that to him, suddenly Prachi falls, he then kisses her cheeks and says that why to spoil the mood “we are on honeymoon”. Prachi opens her eyes and asks if he thought she will scold him, then says that she can’t get angry at him. Rhea sees everything and gets jealous seeing them coming closer and throws the fork away and when they notice Rhea’s strange behavior she apologizes.

Meanwhile, the manager of the resort comes there and greets all the guests thanking them for giving happy reviews. Everyone smiles while the manager says that tonight they are having some special arrangements. The manager brings a guitar and calls Ranbir on the stage to sing something for the guests. Ranbir looks towards Prachi while the manager says that he has taken permission from his wife so he is free to sing now, everyone laughs. Ranbir denies singing the song, Prachi requests him to sing. Ranbir says that he will sing so many songs tonight at every single song is dedicated to his wife Prachi.

Heading towards the end of the episode you will watch, Rhea enters Ranbir’s room and tries to intimate with Ranbir. The next day when they reach the home back Pallavi gets to know about Rhea’s cheap behavior, she calls her and says that she was not expecting this from her. Well, the show is still stuck at the moment let’s see what happens next. Till then stay tuned with us to catch all the latest written episode updates.


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