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Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 13 October 2021 Spoilers Alert: How Will Rhea Spoil Prachi’s Relation With Ranbir

The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Aaliya and Rhea talking about Pallavi saying that she wants her to go on a honeymoon trip with Sid and she is just thinking that how can she go on the trip when they are not feeling up in this relation. Aaliya asks her if she has given some hints to Pallavi about the divorce. Rhea denies saying that she does not tell her but perhaps she will get to know about it and that too very soon.

Sid opens his mouth to say something while a guest comes to their house, Aaliya suggests Rhea control her anger because Sid is like a bridge between her and Ranbir, she then tells her that she should not be so angry until the right moment come and till then she has to be happy with Sid, Rhea looks on, she says her to apologize to Sid. Rhea asks her why should she say sorry to him for the words she said in anger, Aaliya asks her if she has any other option. Aaliya tells her that if she really wants to go close to Ranbir then she has to go on a honeymoon with Sid.

Rhea again asks Aaliya that how will she come closer to Ranbir if she goes on a honeymoon with Sid. Aaliya tells her to keep her mind open because she is dumb, Rhea looks at her and asks the plan, Aaliya tells her that she just has to create a scene that will force Ranbir to come to her bedroom so that she can go closer to him and avail the situation. Aaliya then tells her that she loves her so much as she used to love Purab and she is seeing the same love in her eyes for Ranbir hence she helping her.

Rhea asks her that what she did for Purab, she tells her that when she was crazy for Purab at that time she made a plan where Disha caught them in the bathroom, and from that day she went from his life. She says that she has to do something the same as this so that Prachi will catch you both together in a weird situation so she must leave his life. Rhea smiles thinking that now she will get success, Aaliya says “you have to set your destiny to spoil Prachi’s destiny and to make your one”. The episode ends here to stay connected to know what happened next?

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