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Met Gala 2021 Kim Kardashian & Celebrates Funny Dress Code/ Outfits Viral Memes

The biggest fashion event, the Met Gala, managed to draw huge attention from the general public this year as well. However, the event was supposed to be organized on the first Monday in May but the pandemic happened and the fashion event got delayed. Now, on September 13, 2021, the event took place and garnered plenty of reactions from fans who were eagerly anticipating it to watch what their favorite artist has chosen to wear this time. Along with positive reactions, plenty of negative reactions came out as well. Let’s check which celebrity’s outfit triggered the members the most and all the viral memes and reactions.

Starting with Kim Kardashian, the biggest American personality at this time, she went the extra mile to create her Met Gala 2021 look. The reality star took her event’s look quite seriously this time as she appeared in a black outfit that has been covering her from the face to the toes. Undoubtedly, these events or we say the red carpets are for the celebrities to show their best possible face forward. Well, what happens when you reach the carpets with your face fully covered. However, meme queen Kim Kardashian garnered huge attention for her different look as people were quick to turn her look into a meme.

Kardashian who wore a black Balenciaga gown with a matching face mask and gloves got trolled badly. Netizens started comparing her with a dementor from harry potter while her picture from the red carpet was used under hilarious captions. Another artist to get trolled was Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek star, who arrived in an outfit making a powerful LGBT statement as it had two men kissing each other. Kim Kardashian’s sister Kendall Jenner received mixed responses for her nude shimmery dress. Some people stated that the outfit was too revealing while some seemed to like it.

Next is Lil Nas X who served as many as three looks. Wearing three glittery golden outfits, Lil Nas surely grabbed much attention. His outfit also received a mixed response where some people even compared him with a Golder from Mighty Morphin power ranger and C-3PO. Singer Frank Ocean also appeared in a unique style as his hair was dyed green while he was seen holding a baby with a green face. Netizens were quick to compare the said baby with one of Shrek’s children. Altogether, Met Gala witnessed both the best dressers and the worst dressers just like every year. What’s your opinion on this year’s fashion event? Comment your reactions.


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