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Molkki Latest Written Update 10th September 2021: Purvi Returns Haveli

In the latest episode of Molkki, we are watching that Virender gives the order to a servant to remove Purvi pictures from the entire house. He says, that some of his guests are arriving in the mansion. Virender asks Sudha to make sure to remove all the belongings of Purvi from the mansion. After a while Dakhs along with Purvi and Nani reached Rewari, Purvi looks at the welcome board of Rewari strangely. Virender summons the Panchayat and tells them about Purvi and pleads to them don’t try to remind her of anything otherwise she gets stressed and her mind might be collapsed.

Preeti takes Purvi’s portrait whereas Anjali asks Prakashi and if she is thinking the same, Prakashi says yes. She says that Molkki is approaching her death. They both laugh evilly and plan to kill Purvi. Daksh then reached the Mansion, some of the flashbacks hit Purvi’s mind. Purvi comes out from the look car and stare at Haveli. Daksh also comes out from the car and put his hand on Purvi’s shoulder. Virender arrives there and welcomes them. All the family members are eagerly waiting for Purvi inside.

Sudha brings the veneration plate when Purvi enters to welcome her and the rest of the members gets stunned seeing Purvi in ​​the mansion. While Purvi again gets those flashbacks. Virender is noticing Purvi and understands that Purvi is getting disturbed by the atmosphere. Veer is also there but isn’t pleased seeing Daksh with Purvi. Virender and Purvi enter Mansion together. Sudha hugs Purvi and greets her. Juhi and Manas take Purvi to the room and Purvi look at the doors confusingly. Praakshi along with and Anjali are heading to something. Prakashi asks Bhuri if everything is all right, Bhuri nods yes and leaves.

Purvi is looking around the room and flashbacks are hitting her continuously. Purvi noticed that her suitcase as Bhuri kept the suitcase in the storeroom where all the portraits of Purvi are hidden. Just then Bhuri brings water for Purvi and Purvi enquiry about her pouch. Bhuri takes Purvi to the storeroom and while Purvi is zipping her bag she intentionally uncovers the painting. Purvi gets shocked seeing the painting, she touches the painting and feels dizzy. Tune in to Colors at 10 PM and watch all the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Molkki Written updates.

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