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Molkki Today’s Written Episode Update 2nd September 2021: Nani Suspects Virender

In the upcoming episode of Molkki begins where Purvi makes noodles for kids and Virender keeps on looking at her at the same time, Daksh arrives there and asks everything is fine with her. But meanwhile, Virender replies and overturns the circumstances to defend Purvi by saying that he was just passing the way and saw her here. Then Daksh goes from there and hugs her by saying that unless he is with her no one can touch her because he will not let it happen at any cost. In short, he assures her that everything will be fine in his presence with her.

After a while, Purvi brings noodles to the dining table but she forgets forks in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Juhi brings a red sauce too because noodles become more testing with it. At the same time, Daksh arrives there along with Virender, and both sit on the chair for having food. Daksh takes Red sauce and starts easting but Juhi and Manas get shocked to see his gestures because they set the fire sauce. But despite this, Daksh is not giving any reaction, they get worried and get suspicious of him by wondering that something is fishy.

On the other hand, Daksh unleashes everything in front of Nani by saying that Virender is the one who saved Dhwani from the incident. But Nani gets doubt that how could Virender reach there and how could he know about Dhwani’s correct location. Meanwhile, she wonders that it seems Virender’s conspiracy against Daksh to get Dh, spontaneously Purvi recalls Virender’s action when he saved her from the hands of goons, which seemed quite strange because he is strange for her, because she lost her memory and did not remember anything about her past, so therefore she is worried.

Then Purvi goes to Manas and Juhi’s school and sees them while getting punishment and standing outside which seems inappropriate. Meanwhile, she asks why they got punished by the teacher Juhi replies that Virender is responsible for all that because he put the wrong cover on their books and therefore they got punished. She checks and starts laughing because he made silly mistakes and therefore, Purvi helps them to set the cover in the finest way. Meanwhile, a teacher asks her why she is helping them at the same time, Juhi addresses Purvi as her close one. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 10:00 PM and for further details connect with us.


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