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Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result 1-9-2021 Announces At 1:00 PM

Life is all about finding our purpose but what it means to most people is a battlefield where they have to battle daily for survival. The major concern for today’s people is earning money as, undoubtedly, it has become a difficult thing to obtain. Well, Nagaland state understands the feelings of its citizens and knows their struggles as well. To help them earn goods in a short span of time, the state government organizes lottery draws. The results of Dear Faithful Morning Lottery of 1st September 2021 has also been announced by the department so the aspirants can take a look over here.

Very few people are aware that Nagaland falls under those fortunate 13 states in India that can conduct the lottery draws legally. Other than these states, gambling is illegal so it won’t be wrong to state the people residing here are provided with life-changing opportunities to change their respective lives in the blink of an eye. The directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries organizes the entire process of the gambling game. Whether it’s the declaration of the anticipated results or the selling the lotteries tickets, the department is completely involved.

Nagaland Sambad 1 PM Lottery

Talking about the lottery ticket price, it’s very affordable. Yes, the ticket only costs Rs. 6 which is pretty cheap considering the other state’s lottery tickets. These cheap tickets can lead the aspirant to win as much as Rs 1 crore. The other position holders that come at the second, third and fourth prize take home Rs 9000, Rs 500, and Rs 250 respectively. Besides, there is also a whopping consolation prize of 1000 rupees that also attracts the players. Multiple participants get the consolation prize from the department. Also, the people can participate daily as the game is conducted every day of the week.

First Winning Prize: Rs 26.05 Lakh
Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-
Second Winning Prize: Rs 9,000/-
Third Winning Prize: Rs 500/-
Fourth Winning Prize: Rs 250/-
Fifth Winning Prize: Rs 120/-

Nagaland Dear Faithful Morning Lottery Results will be announced at 11:55 AM. All the aspirants who have participated in the betting game having dreams in their eyes would get to know if anything will change in their life or not. The results belong to 1st September 2021. You can check the results on Social Telecast at the mentioned time. If you feel difficulty in viewing the results, you can refresh the page. Keep following our site for more information on the lottery games and other exclusive updates as well.


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