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One The Woman Episode 12 Spoilers Release Date Time Watch K-Drama Online

Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so, another most thriving South Korean Show titled One The Woman is enthraling the audience with its captivating plot. It again generates buzz with the release of its upcoming episode. All the fans of the show are getting highly eager for the upcoming episode. The lead actress Honey Lee has just won the hearts of the audience with her wonderful performance. Well, this is the first season of the show premiered on SBS TV on 17th September 2021 every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM KST. Obtain all the information regarding One The Woman episode 12.

According to the latest reports, the episode will be released this weekend on 23 October 2021 at 10 PM according to Korean Standard Time. Although there is nothing much disclosed about the upcoming episode even the recent episode even didn’t reveal much about the new character Kang Mi Na. All the viewers of the show are getting curious to know about her origins. The recent episode has rigid the plot of the show. Some of the fans are keen to uncover the identity of Yeon Joo’s.

One The Woman Episode 12 Release Date

Well, Yeon Joo also gets collaborated with her uncle’s gang along with Seung Wook and Sung Woon. However, Sung Woon is aware of Yeon reality but still assisting her as he has fallen for Yeon. Along with that another sweet secret of Yeon Joo being Seung Wook’s first also gets exposed in the previous episode. On another hand, Sung Hye is all set with his plan to uncover Yeon’s real identity in front of everyone. Ryu is also after Yeon after she started behaving strangely with him. In between all these fans are expecting to develop love between Seung Wook and Yeon Joo.

It assumes that in the latest episode Yeon Joo is going uncover her identity and will confess that she is the girl who met Wook 15 years ago at the hospital and they both fall in love with each other in the present selves and promise each other to live together. Besides, the romantic drama is created by Studio SBS and written by Kim Yoon. It is directed by Choi Hyeong-Hun. Along with Honey Lee, the show also cast Lee Sang-Yoon, Jin Seo-Yeon, and Lee Won-Geun in the leading roles. Don’t forget to catch the all-new episode of the show on SBS Network. Stay tuned with Social Telecast and more information on One The Woman Episode 12.


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