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Priya Slams Akki & Shivi

The coming episode of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 begins where Sashi asks Ram to pay some attention towards him, and meanwhile smash mentions that let’s understand it comprehensively. He says that if his brother and sister have trusts issues then there is no need to continue the bond ahead. Another side, Priya makes a call to Akki and says that she has a card but despite all this, she is not here she informs that her sister works inside so check her properly. Then she finds Akki with Shivi and Priya goes to talk to them because Akki said a different statement.

Then Shubham assures Akki that he will make her call do not worry but he is worried for her because he wants her to quit eating chips. But Priya asks her why they got separation he unleashes that he advised them that first, he will become a star then they will build up their alliance. But Priya makes him understand that their discussion is totally worst because it doesn’t have a base at all. But he says that he is not telling her a lie at all please believe it, but she has doubts about them.

Another side, Raj says that Priya is responsible for all these exploits because she does not have a perception of how to deal with them, but despite this, she ruined everything. But Mahender says that Priya needs to unleash the comprehensive reason in this matter because he wants to know everything. But Smash assures him that he is with them in every circumstance and they do not need to think more about it. Another side, Shivi refuses to marry a questioning man at all but Nandini tries to make her cool down and assures her that she will deal with Ram.

Then Shivi arrives and Vrinda asks her why she wore the sports shoes without any reason, which is something she is hiding. Shivi says that it’s too comfortable and she loves to wear it due to comfort and it gives relief to her foot. Meanwhile, Sid asks her where she went last night without informing them, she replies weirdly that she was with her Boyfriend and they were spending a golden time with each other. Sid gets shocked to hear her answer because she unleashed everything extempore. So do not miss watching it on Sony and for more details connect with us


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