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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today’s Written Episode 4th Oct 2021 Update: Ahilya Assures Malhar

Currently the makers of the entertainment industry are bringing some of the historical concepts to the audience so that audience will get to know something about the Dharam and Indian history and it seems like a trend because the circumstances which we all are going through are just depends on the history. Well, you all must be keen to read tonight’s episode of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai because getting in the swim of the episode before it broadcasts on the television gives a different kick.

So, Tonight you all are going to watch, Ahilya asks Gautama to make some pudding for her so that she will get some satisfaction. There in the kitchen, everyone is cooking together where Harku says that Khanderao will be super happy after seeing his favorite food on the table. Gautama replies that he has just been through a big and tough test of his life and she is just making it to bring a smile on his face but on the other side she says that she is only making his food but whether it brings happiness in himself or not is just up to him. Harku smiles thinking that it is good enough and soon everything will settle down.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th October 2021 Episode

There, Ahilya goes to Malhar apologizing that she got a bit late bringing the Kesar milk for him. He says her not to be so worried about it, after all, she is having so many responsibilities now, and as her husband has arrived so he can understand that all the work has been double. He shows her a sword saying that he got this masterpiece special for Khanderao and he wishes that this will play the important role in his life. Ahilya assures him that he loves and respects him too much even he can’t think but what if he is upset with him now but everyone knows that Khanderao loves and respects his father.

She then says that everything will be fine soon and things have turned towards it so he should not be worried anymore about it. Malhar says that he wants to praise his son and wants everyone to praise him as well because he wants to fulfill Khanderao’s every single dream that he wished and wishing for because he is living for the same for his son. Ahilya says him that everything will be done soon as per his wishes, Malhar smiles. Ahilya gets to Khanderao and helps him to get ready, both come closer and the episode ends here, stay tuned with us to read more updates and watch the complete episode tonight at the right time.

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