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Rakhi Supports Preeta 1st Sep 2021 Episode

Rakhi begins today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya. She tells Sherlyn that she knows how she feels after knowing Preeta and Karan’s truth and that she wanted to tell the family members as soon as possible but she shouldn’t have used the sentence that Preeta can never become a mother. Rakhi says that not just she is the elder daughter-in-law of the house but also a woman so how can she utter those words for another woman. Rakhi says even if someone can’t become parents now, they still can be and Sherlyn should have protected Preeta as she is younger than her.

Rakhi turns to Preeta and asks her not to worry as she will always stand by her side. She tells her that they will also become parents someday. Mahesh gets emotional and hugs Preeta while Shrishti also hugs both Preeta and Karan. Here, Sherlyn is in disbelief as the entire family has come in support of Preeta even though she wronged them all. Sherlyn asks Dad why she always becomes the bad person even though she tries to make everything right. She asks them if they despise her that much and that she will live in a corner from now.

Daddy asks Sherlyn not to think this way as this time she is the right one while Preeta is at fault. She adds that Preeta showed them a dream that can never be fulfilled and for that, they will never forgive her. On another side, Shrishti asks Preeta what is bothering her now as everything has gotten sorted. Preeta gets sad and says that she wanted to tell the truth to everyone by herself and that she shouldn’t have waited this long. Karan says that everything happens for a reason and adds that his mother is also supporting Preeta now.

Here, Kritika asks Sherlyn why was she trying to instigate Dadi and Kareena against Preeta. Sherlyn gets annoyed and asks Kritika why does she always pretend like Preeta is her sister even though that woman has betrayed the entire family. Kritika says that she understands Preeta as she did all of that for the sake of the Luthra family and asks her not to think much about this as she won’t understand. In the next scene, Shrishti informs Sarla that everything is fine with Preeta now. Keep reading Kundali Bhagya written episode and updates on Social Telecast. Stay tuned with us!

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