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Rhea Instigates Ranbir Against Prachi

The start of today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya is with Rhea who instigates Ranbir against Prachi. As she had spilled oil all over the stairs to make Prachi fall, her plan backfired and instead of Prachi, Pallavi fell down the stairs. Now, she conveniently put all the blame on Prachi and pretended to request Ranbir not to fight with Prachi for this. She thinks that it’s the beginning of their relationship going downfall as she wants Ranbir back and wants to see him ending the ties with Prachi. Ranbir happens to fall for Rhea’s provoking words.

On another hand, Abhi announces that he has taken the oath to protect Pragya after marriage so it doesn’t matter if he is her husband or bodyguard, he will just protect her. Abhi tells Gaurav that he can do anything and everything for Pragya and that the latter is his everything. He says that in office he is her bodyguard but here he is Pragya’s husband and wouldn’t tolerate any person hurting her. Abhi threatens Gaurav to leave the house right away unless he wants to get beaten up again. Gaurav doesn’t believe him and says that he belongs to Tanu as she is his wife.

Abhi asks him to check on the internet if he doesn’t believe him. Gaurav gets stunned seeing their picture together online. Then, Abhi asks Gaurav to leave and not to trouble his family any further. Sushma thanks Abhi for helping them out of the situation. Here, Pragya thinks that Abhi seems to be helping her but there is something that is missing as his eyes look empty. In the next scene, Ranbir angrily foes to Prachi’s room making Rhea thrilled. Prachi tries to convince Ranbir that it wasn’t her fault as she was to make everything alright.

Rhea comes to the door to hear Prachi and Ranbir’s conversation thinking the latter will scold Prachi. However, Rhea gets surprised when she hears Ranbir apologizing to Prachi for suspecting her. Prachi says that she is not hurt about mummy scolding her but is wondering how did it happen. The pair hug each other. Ranbir informs Prachi that Rhea suggested him loving Prachi more. The latter gets really surprised hearing that. Rhea fumes in anger and leaves. Prachi and Ranbir dance with each other. Prachi feels bad for spoiling everything. Continue reading Kumkum Bhagya written update on our site and follow for exclusive written updates.

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