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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 28th Sep 2021: Will Aarav Enter The Ladies Function?

No doubt that the makers of SSK 2 are making the show more interesting by putting more magic into its concept. Well, as you all know the show is going very dramatic and bit romantic as well therefore, here we are talking about tonight’s episode’s written update. In the previous episode, you have watched that Aditi’s ring ceremony has taken place where Aarav goes to Simar and praises her saying that she played a very important role and she performed all the responsibilities very well.

In tonight’s episode, you will watch, Simar falls on Aarav and she feels shy and steps away. Aarav looks at her and praises her mentioning her brilliant job as she managed everything in a quite well manner, he then asks her why she is showing attitude. Simar asks her if he wants to see her as the innocent one always because now soon she will leave him and then it will be mandatory to be in attitude otherwise people won’t be treating her well. Aarav looks at the calendar thinking that one more day has passed, Simar smiles saying “days were beautiful together”. Aarav then says her that she should go to Aditi’s Rasam. She nods, he says her to put one ear pod in her ear so that they will be able to talk at that time because now time is running out of their hands. She smiles and says him that he is getting a bit naughty because he wants to hear all the ladies talk there at the function.

Aarav smiles and says that he just wants to hear what his lady does because she is the one who matters for him and he does not care about anyone else that what they do and what they talk but he just wants to hear his lady. Simar says him that he can’t come to the function, Aarav asks her if she is challenging him to come there. Aarav says she just to wait, she nods saying that she will be waiting for him, meanwhile, she gets a call and says that she has to leave, Simar goes, Aarav from her back says “Palat” Simar turns around and the scene gets romantic.

There, Reema gets ready for the Rasam too and she looks towards Vivaan, she then asks him if he can come and help her, he comes closer, she asks him about Bindi that which one will soot with her attire. She asks him to say something but Vivaan does not reply to her and puts some cotton in his ears. Reema gets said. As the show is going on no doubt that tonight’s episode is going to be so tickling with romance and sweet tiff between these couples. Stay tuned with us to read more updates and don’t forget to watch the episode tonight.


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