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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 29th Sep 2021: How Will Aarav Enter The Ladies Sangeet?

As you all know or better say that you have watched in the previous episode that how Simar and Aarav both shares some more unforgettable time with each other where both gets happy. However, Simar gets a call where she says to Aarav that she has to go to the lady’s gathering for ritual, Aarav nods smiling but there Simar challenges him if he can come there among the ladies. Aarav smiles and says that he must come there but before that he gives her an airport and says that he wants to hear his lady’s talk. On which Simar says to him that he is getting naughty now and she goes for the rasam.

Today you will watch, Mehandi designer applying Mehandi on Simar’s hand and she tells Aarav about this saying that now all the ladies are getting henna applied on their hands. Meanwhile, the Mehandi designer asks her about the name which she wants to be written on her hand. Reema is there too and getting the henna applied on her hands as well.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

There, Aarav goes to Vivaan and asks him that in the house a very enjoyable moment is going on and what he is doing here. Vivaan replies that it is ladies gathering and ritual so what should he does because there is no work of him. Aarav tells him the actual reason that he is there for him, he says to him that he has the most naughty plans so he wants to go to the Mehandi function and therefore he just wants to get some ideas to reach there.

Vivaan asks him to tell it louder, Aarav tells him the same again. Vivaan nods and says that he just wants to enter the place, he asks him if it is fine to go there because no gents are allowed there and if he goes so he must return beaten up. Aarav looks at him and asks if he is fine because the Vivaan he knows was the one who used to say that there is nothing to be scared of if they are together.

Vivaan says him that some other things are fine but this is a simple suicide mission, Aarav says him to think if he has some plan so that he can enter the function. Aarav then recalls that he can enter because only ladies are allowed there and what if he wears a saree and enter the venue. Well, there is no doubt that tonight’s episode is going to be so tickling so don’t forget to watch it and stay tuned with us to get more written episodes.


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