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Splitsvilla X3/ 13 Winner Name Leaked Jay Dudhane & Aditi Rajput Won Grand Finale?

Hey entertainment lovers, your favorite dating reality show Splitsvilla X3 is gradually going towards the decisive phase in short the grand finale is around the corner. Hence, many speculations are taking place on social media and netizens are getting into the discussion about the winner. Where it is being told that Splitsvilla 13/ X3 Winner Name Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput are looking forward to the victory because they are leading the voting trends too. So now How much truth is there in this news and how much is false, you will know all this below because many news has come out about the winner, and prize.

As per the sources, Amidst the high voltage drama in Splitsvilla X3 finally, some quite interesting news is popping out for the show followers. Where the winner’s name has been revealed by the makes, as everyone knows that Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput are ideal matches too and their bond is quite incredible in the show as it seems too. Therefore it is being told that they have made the show on their name as winners as far as viewers have concerned about them, they are living up to the expectation of everyone from the very beginning.

Splitsvilla X3/ 13 Winner

On the other hand, we got some news regarding the rest of the contestants that members of “Boom Baam” group Shivam Sharma, Bhoomika Vashishth, Nikhil Malik, and Palak Yadav stand in the top three spots. Well, the show is still becoming the subject of discussion among the fans because as soon as the time is passing their heartbeat is getting faster. Because uncounted fans are impatiently waiting for the Grand Finale, so we are assuring you that Grand Finale is around the corner, soo at any moment the finale date could be released by the makers, so always just be ready yourself.

From the very beginning, the show is living up to the expectations of the viewers because it provides us a quite enthusiastic high voltage drama. Hence, everyone likes to watch it and would not like to be ignorant of any details, and as we have mentioned that the Grand Finale is not too far so you can suppose at what kind of effusive activities are taking place in the villa. Viewers have already gone through with a huge loss when one of the strongest players Vyomesh Koul had to leave the show. So do not forget to stream it and for more updates connect with us.


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