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Sumati Breaks Her Relations With Bondita 31st August 2021 Episode Written Update

The recent episode of Barrister Babu will begin where villagers bring Bondita to the Thakurmaa but she is not as tough as Krishana Nagar’s. She makes Bondita comfortable by pulling her leg because she asks her about her relationship with Anirudh. Meanwhile, says that she only looks aged while she is still, young so there is no need to be shy and she can share everything with her without any hesitation. She addresses herself as Kali and asks Bondita to introduce herself but Bondita unleashes her false identity so that, no one can get her identification.

Then Thakurmaa looks at Bondita’s hand and says that her fortune seems overwhelming because as far as she has concerned about her knowledge regarding astrology. Bondita has queen time which will come soon, and somewhere she gets suspicious that Anirudh and Bondota are not servant because they look like rich people. Hence, Thakurmaa asks her to unleash everything because she knows Bondita is hiding the truth behind her arrival and relationship too. But meanwhile, her granddaughter arrives there and makes Thakurmaa understand that sometimes hand lines indicate wrong fortune, so no one should believe in it, because destiny can change at any moment without asking.

At the same time, Thakurmaa says that no matter what happens but her knowledge can not be proven wrong, because she has predicted numerous cases and all those were perfect. But spontaneously priest comes there and informs Thakurma about auspicious timings, by saying that tomorrow will be the great day and if someone ties a knot with their partner so no one will be able to make them separate. Meantime Anirudh and Bondita decided to marry each other today because they have waited for a long and now there is no need to wait more, hence they are ready to marry each other.

On the other hand, Sumati’s anger is getting increased because still, they did not get any glimpse of Bondita therefore she takes pledge by saying that she will never see Bondita’s face again. Sumati sacrifices Bondita further, says that she did not expect from Bondota that one day she will make some exploits through which she will have to feel ashamed. Tapur gets upset because Sumati has overturned everything and sword is hanging on her neck. Meanwhile, Bondita makes a call to Tapur and she picks that as soon as possible so that, no one can see her. So watch it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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