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Teer Lottery Result 1-9-2021 Juwai, Khanapara, Shillong Assam State Lottery Results 01 September 2021

Currently, money would be the first priority of someone because it could make our life luxurious and comfortable, therefore, always people figure out the shortcut of making money as soon as possible. So for whom, the lotteries can be the short way for fulfilling their wishes, because money has the ability to do anything shortly. Therefore, the Government of Meghalaya organizes a gambling game called “Teer Lottery” along with a few restrictions under which, only states can purchase lottery tickets. So the draw of the 1st September’s lottery has arrived which you can check through our webpage.

As everyone knows that Teer lottery is quite familiar in the state and almost thousands of people try their luck in the game, because no one can predict that when their destiny starts shinning. It conducts by the Khasi Hills along with Archery format, it seems a bit different than other lotteries. Many restrictions exist under which the aspirant plays the game under the following rules of the government. In short, your fortune will depend on the arrow shot, because 0-99 archers have the responsibility to shoot perfectly on choosing the number on the spinning wheel.

Assam Teer Lottery

When it comes to the comprehensive details about the game so it includes four types in which interested buyers can take part in Khanapara, Juwai, Shillong, and Arunachal games as well. All games have the same format and it’s quite a legal game because the Government associated it and under their surveillance, they operate the game. These games are divided into such rounds and as it indicates that the winning amount depends as per the rounds. It begins with a winning amount of around 80 rupees through the first round, but as soon as time passes the amount gets increased as per the rounds, so check the results below.




Uncounted people always try their luck in the lotteries because it can help them to make their destiny shine, because it has the ability to change anyone’s fortune overnight. Therefore, people like to participant in the game because it provides them a short way to become rich and fulfill their all wises along with their family. Therefore the lottery is highly playing game in the state, but as per the restrictions, the government gives aspirants permission to run under their province. So that, only their citizen can take advantage of it. So check your result whether you won or defeat and for more details stay connected with us.


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