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Udaariyaan 12th October 2021 Episode Written Update Will Khusbeer Accept Simran?

In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, you will watch some more preparations of the family for the Jagrata. So, the 12th of October episode begins with, Khusbeer telling that he is going to the market to get some stuff for Candy saying that he is fine. Gurpreet tells him not to go alone. Fateh comes there and asks if he can come, Khushbeer replies that he does not need anyone but in the end, Fateh and Khushbeer both go. Jasmine looks weirdly thinking that now she will create a mess for Tejo and everyone will lose their calm before the Jagran tonight.

Jasmine sees Tejo talking on a call saying she is coming in almost an hour and she has a piece of good news and she will tell it after coming back. She goes to get ready meanwhile Jasmine enters her room and checks her mobile phone. Jasmine checks that who called Tejo and wonders that Urvashi can be Simran. She texts Simar on the behalf of Tejo writing “Plan has changed now, let’s meet at the market near Gurudwara”. Simar reads the message and wonders why Tejo changed the meeting spot, Simran thinks that she should call her but she stops thinking that perhaps dad is around therefore she texted, she texts back saying “Okay, I’ll be there are 15 mins”.

Fateh and Khushbeer both reach the market where Khushbeer says that he will get some ice cream for the candy. Jasmin looks and thinks about Simar as she has reached the market as texted her. Simran & Candy both come at the meeting spot where Jasmine sees them and they see her as well. Meanwhile, Simar gets a call from Tejo, while Candy sees Khushbeer and shouts Nanu… Khushbeer hears the sound and looks around, while Simar also sees Khushbeer. Simar says Candy not to shout and takes her. Fateh asks him what happened, he replies that he felt like Candy is calling him.

At the end of the episode you will watch Jasmine asking Tejo that why did she keep this kind of secret hide from Uncle, Tejo replies she is to mind her own business and don’t come in between them. Meanwhile, Khushbeer takes Jasmine’s side saying she is right because he is not going to accept and forgive Simar ever. The episode ends here to stay tuned with us to read all the latest episode updates of Udaariyaan.


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