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Virat Tells The Family About Him & Pakhi

The latest episode of Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein starts with Ninad who gets tensed seeing the monthly expenses have risen. Here, Ashwini worries about Virat as she serves tea to everyone. Sonali asks her what has happened. She says that Virat has a high fever and still he has gone out. Sonali interrupts saying Pakhi has gone out as well. Omkar gets angry at Sonali for connecting the dots unnecessarily. Sonali apologizes and says that she didn’t mean that the pair are together. Bhavani asks Sonali to stop arguing. Ashwini now worries both for Pakhi and Virat.

Meanwhile, Sai comes home. Bhavani asks her about Virat’s whereabouts but the latter ignores her tries to leaves the place. Bhavani taunts her saying she likes to play dumb charades as she won’t reply this easily. Sai answers that she is not playing any game. Here, Pakhi returns as well. She gets scared thinking Sai will inform everyone about seeing them together at the cafe. Though Sai doesn’t say anything and just walks away. Ashwini follows Sai but Shivani gestures her not to as she will speak to her. Sai closes her room and starts crying as she recalls the scene where Virat and Pakhi held each other’s hands.

Sai says that why Virat has to lie if he still meets Pakhi in the cafe. Shivani hears that and asks if that’s true. Sai gets startled and says that she didn’t say that. Shivani asks her not to suffer alone and share everything. Sai sadly tells Shivani that Virat had a high fever but still he went to the cafeteria to meet Pakhiand how they were chatting while holding hands. Sai says that she is hurt as Virat had told her that he has no feelings for Pakhi anymore. Shivani asks sai if she is jealous of seeing them together just like Virat felt seeing her with Ajinkya.

Virat hears Shivani and Sai’s talk and immediately calls everyone together around. He says that he needs to talk about something important with everyone. Everyone gathers. Pakhi gets worried thinking he might discuss them. Virat starts saying everyone in the house is going through so many things and how Samrat has ended ties with him. Later, Virat tells the family about his meeting with Pakhi in the cafe earlier. Pakhi gets shocked while the entire Chavan family also gets stunned to hear the news. Will Virat be able to convince Sai that she is misunderstood in Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein? Stay tuned to know more!

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